Braner_0110_47 Attention all facebook users and friends…It's that time!  For the last year my facebook profile has limited the amount of people that have access to information. 

I believe the studies we're producing, and the training we are affording people that are involved with helping High School and College Students understand the basic values forming the foundations of a Biblical Worldview are so important, we should allow for more people to access it through the web.

So it is today, I'm transferring all my facebook information to a new profile link.  Click Here To See the New Profile .

If you're interested in joining the facebook page, feel free to click the link, and hit the like button.  You'll then be a part of the network of people who enjoy new ideas about how to continue to imagine how to teach and live a life understanding the Christian Worldview. 

Those of you who visit regularly will notice no change.  There's no major shift in philosophy or theology.  The basic difference is, I'm just trying to open the box for more people to join the conversation. 

Thanks for understanding.  I look forward to much more conversation about how we can continue to Love God, and Love other people as we work through life. 

God Bless. 


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