174716_263071472450_5008128_n Today, I want to introduce you to an organization doing INCREDIBLE things around the world.  A couple of my friends decided they wanted to use the outdoor training they had to contribute to natural disaster relief around the globe.  They've been to Australian Wild Fires, Haiti Earthquakes, and even Mexican orphan care in the middle of a drug war. 

Today, my friends are over in Australia helping with flooding.  The care they sense to go and help is overwhelming, and it is the center behind what Christians really do. 

Even though they're name is the Trinity West Dispatch, we've long thought they could re-name to "That's What Christians Do."  Cause, that's just what they're all about.  Even though they're not inthe business of Evangelism, they're care for people around the world is exactly how the Bible calls us to live. 

Way to Go Guys!!  For more information, pictures, videos, and stories from the filed be sure to go to the…

Website:  http://www.twcd.us/

Facebook Page:  Click Here

Download Video as MP4

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