He's at it again.  The famous documentarian Morgan Spurlock is bringing Satire to the Silver Screen.  HIs latest Film…


where Mr. Spurlock spoke with enough companies to fund his $1.5 million film.  The precedent is the ever pressing product placement we see in our movies today.  How much are companies willing to sell their ad space for?  Or better yet, how much is a movie maker willing to sell his own creative control over to a corporate entity?  Well, Spurlock sets out to discover exactly that!

As I was reading the reviews of the film being previewed at the Sundance Film Festival this week, it struck a chord in my soul.  You know, our culture is so used to product placing and advertisement, I mean, even on this site there are ads that help to continue the ministry you experience as you read it; but how much is it worth it, and what kind of control are we willing to give up to do ministry?

The ad service on this site is random, and there are some ads that pop up that I wouldn't choose to be there. I've had several conversations with the service provider about that. But on a larger scale, I have to ask myself, how much am I willing to take in order to place products in the middle of my content? In fact, you can rest assured if ever there is a conflict over control of the content there will cease to be ads here. 

And maybe a bigger question is, how much are we willing to bend our moral disposition to allow for companies to drive our lifestyles? 

Sure Spurlock isn't out to make advertisers the bad guys.  Evidently his work is to show us just how subtle advertising can be, and how much people are willing to pay.  But I'd like to take the idea a step further.  How much are you wiling to sell out for someone to tell you how to live?

I think we're constantly being pressured to buy the latest brands, wear the latest clothes, or drive the latest cars, and sometimes we spend an inordinate amount of money or compromised time to get to a certain place of prominence.  How much?

I watch teenagers who are willing to compromise their every choice to fit in.  After all, it's the core of who we are as human.  We all want to be accepted by someone else.  BUT…what happens when that acceptance comes with a price?  Think about it today…who really 'owns' your soul. 

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  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I imagine it will be a very interesting film, I love what he did with Supersize Me.
    Having read that Wholefoods just got in bed with Monsanto I am having to think a dreaded trhought “that most people have a price’. What a terrible state we are ending up in.
    Lucky you at Sundance, it is a bit of a haul from Australia. I ran a film festival for 4 years so love that whole arena.

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