I just finished a great first week of 2011 in Amarillo, Texas.  I was down here as a part of the San Jacinto Christian Academy Spiritual Emphasis Week, and what a week it was!! 

I was a little unsure of what to expect, as this is my first official visit to the Yellow Rose of Texas town called Amarillo, but I'm here to tell you, there are good people down there. 

Every morning I helped walk students through some basic worldview questions, and then I went and spent time with the different classes individually.  Tuesday I was with Senior Guys, Wednesday with Sr. Girls, Thursday with Junior Guys, and today I finished with a great Junior Girl get together. 

I had a BLAST!!  We talked about a lot of great ideas, a lot of great principle, but most of all I walked away feeling like I made some great new friends. 

They even let me talk about KIVU and what we're doing out in Colorado as a help for teenagers around the world.

So, I'm off to Nashville for the day tomorrow, and then back to Durango for a well needed meeting with the Braner Party of 7. 

Sorry I haven't been on this week very much, but the internet was down in the home I was staying in.  It was kind of nice to fast from technology for a while.  In any event, I'm back in action, and will start updating as 2011 is off to a great start. 

Oh!!  And if you haven't seen what the Gap Year kids are up to, check out, and read up.  10 folks in Rwanda, teaching school, setting up new business, and making new friends. Lots of stuff going on out here in KIVU land!!

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  1. thank you so much for coming to our school! It was amazing!!!! i told you this at school but I really enjoyed you speaking. You are an awesome speaker and you left me thinking about some things I haven’t really thought about before… Again thank you so much for everything you have left San Jacinto to think about. Feel free to come back and speak at our school again. Our whole student body enjoyed it!!

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