We started KIVU in 2001 under the banner of Kanakuk Colorado.  It's original intent was to provide students a place to go in the Mountains of Colorado to experience an outdoor adventure, but it has since turned into so much more. 

With the current research being done on the teenage nation it's more important than ever that we tackle some of the hardest issues facing adolescents today.  Not only do we offer Exciting Colorado Mountain Top Adventures, but our staff here at KIVU care extensively about walking with teenagers through faith issues, relational issues, confidence issues, and the most important of all, their view of who God is. 

Some of my collegues claim 80% of teenagers raised in Christian Homes are rejecting their faith by their first year in college, and we believe we've identified a few ways to curb the trend.

  1. We, here at KIVU, believe the 80% are rejecting the faith because as a faith community we've stopped answering the hard questions teenagers are wanting answered.  We do a good job helping them see traditions, or the way we think life ought to go, but a lot of times we fail to hear the real questions they're asking.  Questions like Is there a God?  What does God matter?  How should people of faith respond to conviction?  What happens when we invoke our faith in our own communities? These are questions we feel, if opened up for discovery, teenagers can begin a journey to find their own foundations for faith.  
  2. We believe we have a place where teenagers can meet people from all over the world.  With students from Europe, Asia, South America, and all across the U.S., we have a chance to share culture, worldview, and explore differences in how teenagers are engaging in the world today.  We can expose them to a network of friends that literally last a lifetime.  Most recently we've seen this play out at the annual KIVU New Year's Eve Bash.  Every year KIVU has a spot in Denver where old counselors, campers, and leadership meet to bring in the new year.  We've seen the generational change over the last 5 years as some of the new KIVU folks are meeting some of the old KIVU folks and they have an instant connection. 
  3. Finally, with the connections all over the world, our network has the ability to expose teenagers to everything from business, social work, medical projects, and other various global issues.  We give teenagers a vision that is well beyond they're own sphere of influence, and we increase their worldview to include…well…the whole world. 

As we are intentional to provide the quality camping experience, there is so much more to a year round KIVU participant.  We've connected kids on Facebook, posted videos on YouTube, send out encouraging e-mails, and make sure they know there are people in the world that are pulling for them.

We've also introduced a Gap Year program for those interested in going on a deeper exploration of their faith.  The KIVU Gap Year is a year long journey circumnavigating the globe to help teenagers identify their purpose, connect with like minded faith followers, and give back to a world in need.  Most recently, the Wall Street Journal has chronicled the need for a gap year.  (Click here for the article).  The KIVU Gap Year is helping students know what they believe, and it's turning would be college freshmen into concentrated adults ready to tackle the throngs of the University. 

Gap YEar Small

As you can see, KIVU is a wonderful summer camp experience, but it's OH, SO MUCH MORE.  As we provide a world class Colorado experience, we are also interested in growing up the global leaders of tomorrow.  We want to help partner with families and communities to build a strong, confident, well connected teen to face the challenges of the world. 

Thanks for believing in all we do.  If you're interested in sending your teenager, or you'd like to pass this along to a friend, feel free to browse over to www.campkivu.com, hit the registration button, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime. 

See you this summer!

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