There's nothing quite like having good friends who got your back!  This has been an awesome week for me!  It's no secret we've been working diligently to cut costs at our place out at KIVU, engage in new marketing ideas, and even asking our tried and true families to come join us for 2011. 

When the KIVU board sent the e-mail out about the reality of KIVU going forward, I was afraid we might have some people try and take advantage of our time being down.  It's crazy how markets work like that, even in Christian circles.  Business is alive and well in the halls of faith.  But you know what I found?  Friends.

It's easy to have friends when everything is going well.  People like being around somebody that seems to have it all together, and experiences the success of the world, been there.  But, you really know who your friends are when wheels come off the wagon. 

It's no secret the economy has been a troubling factor for a lot of companies.  Great multi generation companies are going out of business right and left, and we were on the verge.  15 years of youth ministry poured into this place out here in Durango Colorado, and it was seeming like the end of the line. 

And my friends came out of the woodwork!!

I got calls from mentors, peers, family, customers, long time staff, WHEW it was an emotional week.  Donors started coming to the table, business people trying to help put the wheels back on the cart, and low and behold, the KIVU family proved itself this week. 

I've not been privvy to much receiving on the end of community, but this week I saw the power of true friendship.  I dedicate this post to all my friends, all over the world, who decided to give me a little time this week.  Thanks for your love.  Thanks for your encouragement.  Thanks for your belief in this VITAL MINISTRY.  I can't thank you enough for your support.  I'm humbled to be a part of your life, and I can't wait till it's my turn to give back. 

You guys are Great!

We're not totally out of the woods yet, but we can start seeing the light through the cracks of what was a dark future.  Thanks.

I'm more committed than ever to provided a high quality experience for teenagers to come and explore their faith, engage with peers, and experience a true Colorado adventure.  I can't wait till summer begins.  We'll see you out here!!


  1. Hey…Andy-man!!!
    …with you and for you all the way!
    …thankful for the light beginning to dawn!!
    …KIVU is FAR from done, and with/for you, I’m encouraged to see what our Triune God has waiting around the corner of the new year!!!
    …eager for our next phone/Skype talk, as some ideas are percolating to share with you. šŸ™‚
    …prayers continue…love and hugs to your bride and kids…and you, too, Andy-man!!!

  2. Andy –
    We feel blessed to have you and JJ as friends. The work you are doing at KIVU is unbelievable and it is God’s work. Don’t ever put God in a box….continue to think BIG…you can’t think bigger than God! Press on brother.

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