I know Christmas is only 17 days away, but here at KIVU we're already thinking about summertime.  Imagine rafting down the Animas, fly-fishing in the world class Pine River, Rock Climbing in Durango, and Mt. Biking professional biking trails.  Come on and join us. 

If you're planning on coming, go ahead and click over to the KIVU website.  www.campkivu.com

  • Click on Registration
  • Start Filling in Your Information
  • Place your Deposit
  • And We'll hold your spot!

We've got room for 11-18 year olds
We've got 1 Week Terms
We've got 2 Week Terms
We've got Parent Adventures
And We've got mission trips going out this summer. 

We've even got a camp insurance policy where you can rest assured you can get all your money back if your plans change. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Come on over and see what's going on at KIVU


 FYI:  For all those who sign up today, we'll send you 1 LB bag of our new KIVU blend Coffee.


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