Let the battle resume!!

Every year there is a battle between the "Christmas" people and the "X-mas" people.  I realize the necessity of the argument, as Christmas has long been a celebration of Jesus Christ birth.  After all, what else might Christmas stand for?

Three Wise Men, Little Baby in the Manger, Star, Angels, and Lots have Christmas Cookies right?  That's what we think of when we think of Christmas.  Presents under the tree.  Family around the fire.  Snow falling outside.  Bing Crosby on the stereo.  Hmmmmmm….Gotta love the season.

It seemed like a few years ago there surfaced this need to let all people participate in Christmas, even those who didn't recognize Jesus as the central part of the celebration.  It was like the separation of Church and state folks wanted to have all the stuff, without acknowledging the "reason for the season."  So there arose this strange saying all over the malls, Merry X-Mas, or Happy Holidays, as not to offend anyone. 

Are you serious? 

Do we really have to be politically correct at Christmas of all things?

Well, evidently so.  Remember the Courthouse that removed the nativity because it was offensive to passerbys?  Remember all the signs that read Merry Christmas that had to be removed in order to appeal to the seperationists?

Well in Philadelphia, the first bell of the fight has sounded. 

Mayor Michael Nutter has decided to take a stand and place the Word "Christmas" above City Hall.  After one of the managers decided to take the word down, there were several protesters who fought to return the word to the famous City Hall, and they did!  The Reason for the Season will Live on this year in Philadelphia. 

What do you think about the fight between the X-Mas folks and the Merry Christmasers?


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