The day after Thanksgiving, here in America, is traditionally known as Black Friday.  This phenomenon is only realized because of the natural day off in the week, and the fact most people have been sitting inside for the last 36 hours eating Turkey and Stuffin with family. 

It's an event.  It's an outing.  It's a fun time to get out and about and clear the house. 

Retailers figured out if they could capitalize on the boredom being experienced across the land, they could actually move their profit margins from being in the 'red' to the 'black.'  Thus, Black Friday is the time when retailers have discounts to move product and increase margins through the Christmas season.  They count on vast amounts of volume to not only clear out the old product, but start advertising for the up coming Christmas season, which has turned into a capitalist dream!

Ok, so an objective look. 

The Good
Black Friday has turned into a game.  A lot of my friends use this day to go out and hang together, searching for the best deals, and creating memories.  How much fun is that?  It's like a national, let's make a memory day as they scour the aisles of Wal Mart in search for the greatest deal.  For that reason, Black Friday can be a GREAT thing to bring people together.  I've heard so many great stories of people who otherwise wouldn't go out and create the kinds of memories they do.  So for the good, there's GREAT COMMUNITY being built. 

The Bad
I've heard stories of people actually being run over stampede style during the rush on holiday shopping.  People get hurt as the crowds accumulate the mass and speed to run over them, and for what??  A new flat screen?  The Bad part of Black Friday is that it conjures up this emotion in our heart that speaks to the materialism plaguing America today.  People think, "If only I had more stuff" or "If I can get it first" then I'll be happier than the next person.  And that leads to…

The Ugly
The Ugly part of Black Friday is the greed festering in the heart of man.  Some people are unable to disassociate the feelings of greed fueling the stampedes.  People cut off other people on the highway, they turn in front of people in the parking lots of the mall, and they run over people to get the latest greatest Christmas deal. 

If it's more than an event, we need to be careful.  Black Friday can be the gasoline on our fire of materialism fueing a dangerous roaring flame. 

My hope is, you can use Black Friday as a game, rather than allowing it to shape the way you see Christmas.  (more to come on Christmas soon)

Until Next Time…Have fun building memories. 

Let me know what you think

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