It's a strange breed of people who travel for a living.  It's a little odd when you know the tricks to getting through lines quickly, prepping for the security folks neatly, and you're certain what airport nook sells the best coffee.  It's kind of sad really. 

I drove up to the rental car place this morning in Nashville, and the security guard greeted me with "You've been here before haven't you?"  WOW!!  Now, that's a bit much. 

This has been a whirlwind trip.  From Nashville, to Delaware, Pennsylvania, Nashville, and now on to Tulsa.  It kind of feels like I've been from 'Sea to Shining Sea' in the last three weeks, but OH WHAT A TRIP ITS BEEN.  Great new friends.  Great old friends.  And yesterday was one of those great reunions with my buddy Neil.  It's just so good to have good friends.  

As long as it's been, it's also been a fruitful one.  Not only are we recruiting teenagers to come out to KIVU this summer, I truly have felt God moving in my soul in a special way.  You know, there are some times when you can just sense the Lord working in your life in a way you know He's up to something and He's working.  There's something stirring, something moving, something He's lining up. 

I don't know what it is.  But what I do know, I have a deeper sense to follow Him.  Through His Grace and His identity in my life, I've never been more ready to Trust, Discover and Obey. 

A friend of mine shared this link with me, and I thought it so powerful, I want to share it with you today!!  Enjoy, and know God is in Control. 



To God be the Glory. For Great Things He has done, is doing, and will do!!


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