I know it's a hot button debate, but please know I'm NOT trying to stir any political ill will here.  I chose to stay out of politics, however; I have had some recent thoughts about how healthy we are spiritually that led me to do a little research on physical health in America. I have some wonderful Dr. friends that are doing great work around the country, but this report is disturbing as it concerns our system as a whole. 

I just read a report by Dr. Mercola, NY Times Best selling author and popular media medical corespondent, that claims America is number 49 in Life Expectancy among developed nations.  49th???  How could that be?  I thought we had the best medical system in the world. 

Dr. Mercola's article points out obesity, murder, and motor vehicle accidents are a large number of occurrences, but they aren't all to blame.  In fact he starts to point out the various holes in our medical systems that cause us not to receive best medical care. 

I found the article interesting, not because I'm trying to stump one way or the other on the health care debate in America, but that in my recent exploration of healthy spiritual lives, this is another indicator that something in our world is desperately wrong. 

We've been duped into thinking there is no other better place out there, and while we slowly allow the metephorical water to heat up around us, we sit in the pot like the frog who sits until he's boiled. 

We've got some issues to stop retreating from, look square in the face, and start addressing as if they're real issues, and not simple annoyance. 

Economically, I was in New York about a month ago talking with a dear friend about the impact of the economy on where we are in history.  It seems as though there is a direct correlation between some of the morally disturbing parts of our society, and the decline of the economy.  We just got lucky and were able to "kick the can down the road" for a while, and now it's catching up to us. 

Medically, Dr. Mercola is pointing out we've got some real problems with our impression of 'the best' health care in America today.  I've been in several discussions about health care this fall.  Some with Doctors, some with Spiritual Leaders, and for sure some with families.  There is a real disconnect between our moral understanding of how spiritual life works and the bio-mechanical world we think we can just fix stuff in. 

Socially, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how we've socially disconnected from the whole meaning of faith in our daily world.  I've talked with teenagers who are sexually active and think nothing of it, and I've talked with parents who are dealing with the exact same issues, only 20 years later. 


I don't know if there is a variable you can just plug into and make all this go away, but I do know that God has worked in my heart in the last few weeks as I've been privy to His Grace in miraculous ways.  I might not be the voice on the mountaintop for all to see and follow, but I am a soul changed by another realization that God's Grace over my life is THE ONLY thing I have to hold onto.  He is the provider in my economics, the healer of my soul, and the centerpiece of my belonging with others in the same human condition. 

He is my all. 
He is my life.
He is the reason I can wake up in the morning.
He is the reason I can lay my head to sleep at night. 

May you find His mercy and grace in fullness of power today!


  1. Sorry to be a pest, but I have been contemplating this most of the day “It seems as though there is a direct correlation between some of the morally disturbing parts of our society, and the decline of the economy.” I’ve heard this most of my life, and I wonder – do you think there are more morally disturbing parts of our society now than when fellow humans were held in slavery, or when they were lynched without due process of law, or told to get their asses out of town before sunset, or unable to fully participate in a society that claimed equality for all? What do you mean by “morally disturbing parts of our society?”

  2. Anj, Thanks for your comments. I absolutely think our culture was morally bankrupt when slavery was in action, people were lynched, or any other racial issues that ensued in our past. I’m with you on that. But from my vantage point, some of that is still going on, PLUS MORE. I don’t think anyone is getting lynched tonight in America, but I know that there are people living in slavery under the clever system of debt in our world. As I look into the heart of teenagers, I see a world coming that is sexually promiscuous, attitudes that are apathetic, and a sense of entitlement I’ve not seen in a while. I think greed, self service, and people who are living life only for what’s in it for them, is more the norm, than the exception to the rule. All I’m saying here is there might be a way to connect the dots a bit. Morality might be a conductor into our social, economic, psychological lives. Just thinking outloud.
    thanks for the dialogue.

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