I've just finished the manuscript for my new book on Teen Sexuality called "Sex, Lies, and Hooking Up."  It will be published by NavPress next spring in bookstores and online.  The research I did for this book was UNBELIEVABLE.  I traveled from coast to coast interviewing teenagers and college students to talk about where we are as a culture concerning dating and sexuality. 

The answers would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. 

There are very few boundaries anymore.
There are certain expectations for dating couples to experience physically.
And the new average for first time sexual encounters is AGE 9.  That's right 9.

No longer is sex and dating something that can be reduced to a Sunday School Lesson, or a casual Dating Series at our youth groups.  We've got a cultural problem.  It's not limited to Christian Teens or Non-Believers.  This is something that will begin shaping the course of our society and how we go forward concerning marriage, relationships, and how we function as a culture of men and women. 

The consequences are already being seen.

Christian Marriages are in the peril of Divorce alongside our non-Christian friends. 
Sexuality among adults is becoming more and more a casual outing.
And the number of married couples who are finding true joy in their marriage is uncommon as they've trained their relationship core to look for something new and exciting. 

This isn't something we just woke up to yesterday.  This is a problem we can tie to and collaborate with the issues going on in the hallways of the High School. 

I won't reveal too much as NavPress is working diligently to publish this new book, but let it be said….Of the 4 Major issues in the Teenage Nation, Sexuality is something we can't overlook.  We must begin discussions with our teenagers about relationships and the vital role of their own sexuality in the world today. 


  1. I’m glad you wrote on this topic …
    I worked several years at a big party school as a Resident Director. My professional experience compelled me to write my thesis on hookup culture and now I write the blog “The Hookup Column” – It’s a humorous examination of the not-so humorous culture on campus. The consequences, especially for women, can be shocking and it’s something I feel so passionately about, I write about it every day.
    I look forward to reading the book 🙂

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