Again, this week is all about the Paul Revere of the youth world, running through the streets of the internet sounding the alarm for all who will hear.  It's not meant to be a fear trick to move you or manipulate you somehow, but rather; it is what it is.  It's an alarm.  It's a wake up call.  It's a guy like me, looking out over the landscape of our culture, sounding the alarm for all who are interested.  And so as we go forward, the second large crisis is the one of education. 

We've got problems in the education system, as well as the mindset of our faith fellows who consider education something of a secondary issue. 

According to an article published by the Washington Post (Click Here) America's science scores rank behind 16 of the 30 countries in the Organization for Cooperative Development, and 27th on the scale in math.  So basically we're near the bottom of the list when it comes to two of the most impactful disciplines when it comes to making the world go round.  Advancement in everything from transportation to the internet can only hapen as we have people that know how, and America is just not going there. 

I've been in some incredible schools this week in Nashville Tennesse who are trying to curb that problem,  but I've also seen schools rewarded for passing students on from grade to grade, rather than really teaching them the concepts of understanding. 

Moreover, I've run into so many Christians in the last three months who, for whatever reason, think education and knowledge is an anti-Godly thought.  I know it sounds crazy, but there are some people who believe philosohpy and science; literature and art; religion studies and humanities, are all potential speed bumps for someone to really know God. 

It's almost like there is a fear you can be "too smart" to know God?  I don't get it. 

If God created the Universe, then the things we discover should point us toward Him, right?  Why are we so afraid to incorporate education and religion together that we might more know processes and the purposes behind why God created all this stuff. 

Jesus even said, "love the Lord your God with all your heart, your soul, and your MIND."  Why do we think it's so dangerous to allow our kids or ourselves to know more?  Could it be, our natural disdain for eduction stems from a fear that someone might think differently than we do?  It might be, as we discover more about God and His world, we realize the agendas we've so counted on to develop our worldview are actually man made.  The bottom line, if we can teach teenagers this 'education is a process of discovery' method of learning, then all of God's truths become clearer to the world.  WE don't have to fear knowledge, only our reliance on knowledge above God. 

After all, if it's true, it's all going to be true.  Right?

We need to start helping the teenagers of the next generation that it's ok to think through hard issues.  It's ok to talk about sensitive topics.  The art of debate needs to re-introduce itself as a civil discourse, rather than a fight at the O K Coral. 

This Crisis of Education is more easily averted than the one of Faith, but the next one….well, tune in tomorrow to see.  


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