Remember your history class in HIgh School.  One of my favorite stories was when the teacher talked about the Revolutionary war and the story of Paul Revere riding through the streets warning the innocent colonists, "The Red Coats are Coming, The Red Coats are Coming." 

It was the beginning of a long bloody battle with a global empire for the freedom of what is now known as the United States of America. 

I also remember my parents telling me of the story of the "boy who cried wolf."  Remember that one?

Remember the boy who got a kick out of scaring everyone by crying at the top of his lungs, "It's a WOLF!!" and he watched as innocent people would turn and try to gear up for a wolf attack.  Remember that? 

Then one day a wolf pack came into the town, and the boy cried "wolf!" The people just laughed.  They knew his fun was to scare them, and they weren't having any of it that day.  And the boy was sad when he realized the wolves were really tearing the community apart as they ate all the chickens, the eggs, and even mauled some of the children in town. 


The Red Coats are coming, The Red Coats are coming, and unless we do something fast, we are on the verge of a MAJOR cultural shift over the next 10 years.  (Believe me, I hate Fear Mongering, so Please know I'm trying to sound the alarm, not scare you into un-necessary fear.) 

Our teenagers are in Crisis.  I'll try to explain. (I'll be short and quick today, but will expand on these ideas in the days and weeks to come.)

1.  There is a Crisis of Spiritual Understanding.  

Ask a teenager today what they believe about God.  You'll get a variety of answers that would rival the likes of those little cereal packets you can get at the local Albertsons.  CHRISTIAN kids today have little understanding of what they believe and why.  They're lured to programmatic events masked as spiritual retreats, and they're no better for going than if they'd stayed at home.  Our Churches resemble more of a "Clean Mall" than the tellers of truth, promoting their latest product to the masses void of spiritual formation processes.  I love the church, but I'm saddened to be in the heart of the Christian Nation this week. 

2.  There is a Crisis of Sexual promiscuity.

CHRISTIAN kids are having sex.  They think Oral Sex is just another part of a relationship.  They're engaged in sexual behavior unspeakable in the 70's, 80's, and 90's.  And I don't say this as a fear tactic, or a True Love Waits campaign, but unless we're ready for a radical transformation of culture from where we are at this point in history WE MUST START NOW working with our kids knowing how to work through their own sexuality. It's not longer an issue of just saving yourself for marriage, or protecting yourself from disease, Today we are on the verge of cultural shift concerning relationships that look like married partners swapping, teenagers giving up on the idea of marriage all together, or a the epidemic of adultery. 

3.  There is a Crisis of Education.

Education has long been the key to get out of poor economic conditions. Unfortunately,  Our kids today view education as something everyone does, and they're not able to see the benefit.  College is becoming something you don't necessarily have to do, and spending time understanding concepts of math and science are a thing of the past.  We're falling behind at a RAPID rate to other countries around the globe.  WE NEED TO HELP.  I even heard a Christian parent this week say, "Oh, you think too much.  We just need to pray for faith in God, and keep on going." 


Some of the greatest minds of all history in science, education, philosophy, and math were Christian men and women who saw they're lives as vessels to help the world see how intricate God's creation is.  For whatever reason, Stupid is In, and the faith masses are buying it in droves. 

4.  There is a Crisis in Relationship. 

Today our kids have the most connected generation in history.  Through Facebook, Texting, Twitter, and some still on MySpace, they have constant connection with each other.  But walk the hallways of the local high school, and ask any student, "Who do you feel like you connect with?"  And you'll be surprised to hear "No ONE!!"

They don't know anyone.

And No One truly knows them. 

They're waling through the hallways of life ALONE!! VOID OF RELATIONSHIP.  They don't know how to connect, and you can see it in the way they look and respond to simple questions.  Try it.  TRY IT AND SEE IF I'M being over dramatic here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, unless we stand up and lead, our kids are going to fall further and further from the heart of truth.  Unless we give them a reason by modeling our very lives around the principles of God's Word, we're going to continue watching students trying to find answers to life's hardest questions at every corner of the globe other than the True answers we can know through following Jesus. 

I'm passionately concerned, if you couldn't tell, about the state of the Union of today's Teenage Nation. 

The Red Coats are Coming, The Red Coats are coming….Will you join to help?


  1. Add to that mix the horrific Human Trafficking that is rampant in the US. Predators are targeting Christian kids because they are easy to trick.

  2. There is a saying that, “you can’t fix stupid” when I hear this I always say,”Not if you don’t try”……..

  3. Though we’re not residing in US. I’ll definitely recommend this post to be read by my churchmates.
    A very good post to open the minds of our people to the condition of our generation today.

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