Every month I put up a KIVU newsletter, and the November Newsletter is out and ready to roll.  We've got some exciting things happening for 2011, and we love to keep our folks updated.  If you'd like to see what all is going on, feel free to download th PDF by clicking here.  Download KIVU Corner Number 3

For those of you who need bullet points, I'll try to sum up some of the highlights:

  1. The Youth Culture is in more danger than I even thought.  You'll want to read my article on the "Teenage Nation," and see what's going on.
  2. Our Trip to the Philippines has to be done today.  So if you're interested you can see some of the highlights. 
  3. New Insurance program to protect your tuition in case something might happen that would inhibit your attendance
  4. New KIVU Blend Coffee avaliable on the web store
  5. Information for those of you who want to pray specifically for this ministry.
  6. Professional needs here at KIVU
  7. A look at a facility for the future

We are moving and shaking to be effective change in the world of teenagers.  Our core of teaching a comprehensive worldview, as we couple that with the 'old time camp' industry; is proving to develop teenagers ready to face a non-compartmentalized faith journey. 

We've got some exciting things coming down the pike as relates to creative end of the year giving.   As a non-profit ministry, we're working diligently to find partners interested in helping change a culture.  And, we want to make a win-win situation for potential partners to leverage their giving dollars for the benefit of all. 

In any event, go check out the latest KIVU Corner 3 newsletter for more information on what's going on. 

Have a great weekend!

I'm heading to Nashville for the week next week, and will be talking to many of our families dedicated to the cause. 



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