Hey guys!!  So I'm heading to Nashville on Friday to attend the annual Show Hope Banquet.  This weekend will be another wonderful time gathering with people who have a heart for adoption. 

And then I'll be in Nashvegas all week speaking to schools, hanging with potential donors, talking with potential staff, and looking for high school students interested in the program we offer out in Colorado at KIVU. 

If you're in the Nasvhille area, I'd love to see you.  We've got an event planned right now, open to the public.  Here is the invite. 

Date and Time: Monday, Nov 8, 630 pm

Event Hosts: Ben and Gwen Howard, Rhonda and Phillip Kemp, Shawna and Rob Keller

Location: 916 Calloway Drive, Brentwood

The Kanakuk camps have made a profound impact on kids for many years.  While most are in Branson, MO, there is one in Durango, CO.  It is run by Joe White's (Joe founded and runs the camps) daughter and son-in-law, Jamie Jo and Andy Braner.  Andy is a profound student and communicator re Christian worldview and culture, and speaks to both kids and parents about such.  He's in town in early November for a number of events, and we'd like to invite you to come and meet him and hear more about KIVU (new name for Kanakuk Colorado).  

We are gathering at our home (916 Calloway Drive in Brentwood) on Monday, Nov 8, at 630 pm.  Andy will be with us until 8pm, so please drop by and meet him and hear more about KIVU.  There will also be some kids who have attended camp, who can give first hand experience.  

This is not a fundraiser…but an opportunity to hear about the camp and see if it might be something for your kids in the future.

If you have questions, call Ben or Gwen at 300-1099.  Hope to see you!

Gwen and Ben Howard
Rhonda and Philip Kemp
Shawna and Rob Keller

Love to see you out in Brentwood Monday Night.  See you soon!!


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