This morning on my Saturday news cruise, I found an interesting article from the Catholic Exchange website.  Click Here for the Full Article

The premise of the article is that we are more than the sum total of the DNA structure we can see scientifically.  Of course the article points to the shortfall of Darwinian Evolution as it tries to describe the origin of man simply as a modern sum total of a scientific equation.  It seems that there is much more to make up the whole of humanity than cells, cytoplasm, and tissue, and science is even discovering there is more. 

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. 

Some of you know, I had a pretty awful accident this last winter.  After 103 inches of snow fell here in our hometown of Durango, I had to shovel the ice off the roof of our home.  As I was trying to get the weight off the structure, I slipped and fell almost 15 feet off the roof, causing a disc in my back to protrude out into my spine. 

It was incredibly PAINFUL. The disc was rubbing the nerve that hit my left arm, and I often felt total numbness in the left side of my body. 

I tried every remedy available.  Physical therapy, prescription pain medication, acupuncture, message, and was about ready to go to the surgeon to do a total disc replacement, when I met a friend here in town. 

He's a chiropractor.  Runs his own practice.  And when he saw me the first time he said, "I can fix you." 

I was a bit skeptical at the beginning, but over the course of the last few months have grown to believe in the process he advocates.  It's a combination of bio-engineering and correctiveness with a real understanding of emotions, feelings, spirit, faith, and God. 

I asked him, "how much does faith play into healing?"

"It has everything to do with your well being." he replied. 

And why wouldn't it?

The Bible talks of whole people.  In fact, if you were to ask a Hebraic man in Jesus day, "how's your spiritual life?" He would look at you in confusion.  There was no difference in the spirit and the flesh in the Hebrew world, humanity was all one entity. 

Just like your car is made up of separate individual parts, you wouldn't be able to pull the engine out of the hood and still call it a car.  (at least in total)

I wonder if we need to take a re-imaginative look at the way we are whole people, not compartmentalized into physical and spiritual, but both.  The way we live our lives, the amount of stress in our daily world, and the decisions we make effect not only our spiritual life but also our physical being. 

I've done some interesting reading on this subject, and it's helping me become more of a whole person worshipping God in Spirit, Truth, and Body. 

I'll post some of my findings this next week.  I look forward to interesting conversations to come. 

Oh, and my back; I'm free of pain today!  Praise God!

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