There's an interesting debate going on out here in Colorado.  An amendment is on the ballot this week with language defining a "person" as all people from the moment of conception.  I usually don't get into the political debate, but yesterday I was exposed to a really strange course of events. 

Evidently our hometown college, Ft. Lewis, hosted a debate between the pro and con positions on Amendment 62.  (Sorry, I'm not real sure I know the official names, but save it to say it was the Christian Biblical position versus the Planned Parenthood representatives.) You can watch the whole debate by Clicking Here

It's a little long to watch the whole thing, but if you're interested in seeing a debate that obviously one side more prepared than another, be sure to check it out.  Here's some of the answers given by the pro-abortion people. This is pretty unbelievable. 

So they were planning on having a follow up presentation here in town from a local doctor who performs abortion.  The presentation was supposed to start at 6:00 last night at the college, and I thought I'd stop in and check it out. 

When I got there, no one was around.

I walked to the info desk and met up with some others looking for the debate location, and no one knew what was going on.

So I called the guy sponsoring the debate.   "Hey Andy, yea so we just got a call a bit ago, and one of the organizations is preparing to sue the University for defamation of character, so we had to call it off." 

"What?  Defomation of character?  How can you defame someone's character when you're sharing ideas in a debate?"

"That's what I said, but the University has decided to cancel all debates until they can figure out what's going on."

And to that I say, "hmmmmmm……"

Isn't the University the place where we can share ideas freely.  Can't we explore whether abortion should be a part of our society or not without fear from a legal entity bullying people into submission?  Nobody was committing voter fraud.  Nobody was being violent.  Nobody was thretening anyone else.  It was just clear that the pro-life people where HANDS DOWN more prepared for this particular debate than the pro-choice folks. 

There's no crime there.  Unless being apathetic and unprepared can throw you in jail. 

Furthermore, when I went back to look at this debate, I found some priceless tools to understanding the other side of the issue.  Watch it.  You'll see.  The inconsistencies are outrageous.  But hey…I'm just a guy who's trying to point teenagers to Jesus, what do I know about science? 

Enjoy, and feel free to share with your friends. 


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