Teenagers Education

What a debate, right?  Who gets to teach our students about the world?  History?  Math?  English?  Science?  Who's ultimately responsible for teaching our students about the nature of all things? 

Believe me, I'm no stranger to the debate.  As a product of the Christian School System and a keynote speaker for the ACSI group, I've seen my share of frustrations concerning how students are learning. 

I've got great friends in the homeschool system who are fed up with the lack of integrity when it comes to teaching academic rigour.  AND, today I'm taking my kids to the public school for their daily dose of brain food. 

All three systems have their pros and cons, but what would happen if any of those systems decided not to teach the history of the Holocaust?  What if they decided they didn't want to teach their students the plight of trans-American slavery issues?  Or, what if they didn't teach students the modern scientific views of biology, physics, or math?  Would it be a good system?

Well, this is exactly what's happening in France.  The Reauters News Service reported today that the Education system in France is increasingly having to answer various Muslim groups who don't want their students to sit under the teaching of any the issues I listed above.  They claim it's their religious right to have their students sit out of those topics, and are increasingly putting pressure on the government to respect their religious traditions. 

Some teachers even talk of students who stand up to disagree with the topics, but have no coherent argument against the offensive history or science. 

I think this is a great example of why our students need to learn how to think.  We don't need to hide behind a shaw of education in hopes that we don't catch the virus. 

I know Some people feel that academics is the 'great satan' leading our students away from the faith.  I happen to disagree.  If the Bible is as True as we claim it is, then why are we scared to expose students to issues that don't make any sense. 

Is it history that is going to lead someone away from the faith?

Let's be consistent for a moment.  If indeed we believe in the power of God to draw all men unto Himself.  It's certainly not science that is going to lead man away from God, in fact; most all scientific founding fathers were believers.  They saw Science as a way God gave them to discover His wonderful world. 

But when religion starts to trump education, and erase intelligent thought; we don't really believe in the power of the faith.  It's almost like we're holding on the ancient 'God of the Volcano idea to try and fill in the gaps for things we don't understand. 

Believe me, I'm all for proving things exist.  I'm sure there are things happening in the world that will NEVER be explained.  But, I do believe if we place our trust in something whole heartily, it should stand the test of our mind.  For if it is True, then it's True.  And if it is False, then we've got some worrying to do. 

Even Jesus said, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your MIND.  This is the first and greatest commandment." 

I know this is a hot topic, and I'd love to get your feedback.  What do you think?  (For the article I referred to above, CLICK HERE)


  1. Disturbing. As a family that has participated in several types of education with our children, we have come to the conclusion most vehemently that we WANT to discuss and investigate all issues–and do believe the Word is Truth, and as you learn Truth alongside the false, it becomes evident. As you have mentioned, Andy, we do not need to fear examining history, science or any other subject and we feel it is paramount our kids know how to think. The balance of thinking/influence of the “wisdom” of man v the revelation of our Lord is a tension. It’s important to have honest eyes that see the overwhelming pressure the world puts on us to adopt man’s conclusions…so the end game should always be on our knees, seeking His truth and wisdom.

  2. How many times do we have to see this happen in the world to understand how pointless it is? The earth is round, no it’s flat, the earth circles the sun, no that’s heresy.

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