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It's one of the most successful programs we've thought up so far.  The KIVU Gap Year is proving to be a wonderful connection between graduating High School and the Freshman year at the University. 

I've often wondered why students don't do well as they enter in the University, and we think we've found a few answers.

1.  Maturity. 
Most experts are now saying the adolescent years range from 13-25.  As our culture gets older, and responsibility continues to be pushed later and later in life, 18 year olds are stuck trying to decide what they want to do with the rest of their lives, and they're just not ready.  They need to taste what the world has in store.  They need to experience the working world for a bit.  They need to survey their options. 

University undergraduate professors are telling me Freshman and Sophomore students are some of the most academically immature students they've seen in a decade.  "Students are learning different.  They're longing for experience," one professor confessed. Sitting in a classroom just won't cut it anymore, and they're not doing the work to pass the tests. 

We agreed it was time to re-invent the way we train up our kids before the University.  Primary and Secondary education is doing their job, but there's an ever present gap between the year teenagers graduate and when they're ready for College. 

It's time we give student REAL LIVE experience before college.

2.)  Spiritual Conscious. 
Since the public schools have stripped our students from engaging in any sort of spiritual exploration, there's a serious lack of spiritual direction.  I'm not talking about a legalistic lock down type of institution to force students to believe, today teenagers need the opportunity to make sense of the world through a fundamental spiritual lens.  They haven't had the freedom to do so for 12 years at the local high school, and unless they've actively participated in a church or a group that fosters such an environment, they're more likely to have underdeveloped spiritual lives.   Today, we're seeing teenagers unaware of humanity's distinct difference with the animal Kingdom. 

The KIVU Gap Year allows for students to learn how to explore, learn how to discipline themselves, and learn how to have a consistant growth time specifically for spiritual issues.  The first semester in Denver is proving to give our teenagers a REAL LIFE touch with the REAL WORLD as they make their faith their own endeavor. 

One parent recently asked me when comparing two different programs, "But Andy, can't they learn this in the classroom?"  Emphatically, I will answer NO!  If you're going from High School straight to the classroom, you've missed to point.  Experiential Learning. Providing students with opportunities to succeed inside the real world.  Helping our kids grow up in a safe place, without continuing to control them; these are a few points that lead to whole development. 

3.)  Relational Struggle.
It's only been a few weeks, and we've already seen great relational struggles.  Teenagers who can learn how to deal with authority, how to deal living together, and how to understand a response to people they would never be around normally will surely give them a step ahead. 

Sure, there are other programs out there with certain Niche markets.  Some will sell academic prowess, others will capitalize on putting off a year.  Some will sell the Bible piece, while others will work on mission work.  But, if your tired of looking at each of these programs, and you desire to have it all, THE KIVU GAP YEAR is for you. 

Our registration for the program starts now, and the deadline to turn in the application for the 2011-12 year is March 1, 2011.  We've got over 60 inquiries right now, which should shore up to be quite a cless. 

Be sure to check out to watch the students tell their own story in real time. 

Let me know what you think

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