It was almost a year ago Haiti suffered one of the worst natural disasters of all time.  It wasn't just the fact the earthquake hit the hopeless nation, but it was the infrastructure disaster that some claim will not return in our lifetime.

Today it's getting worse. 

USA TODAY reports that 142 people have died from a cholera outbreak, which means cholera is infecting the population at an enormous rate.  142 only means there will be several hundreds or maybe even thousands of people put in a place where drinking water is spreading this awful disease. 


Not only are we trying to help a generation of teenagers know what they believe through the context of Summer Adventure, we're also working diligently with our contacts to see how we can bring this issue to teenagers around the country.  We'll be taking a trip this summer to unite with our local connections and try to serve the needs of people while we're there. 

We must continue to keep an eye on Haiti.  Even though we're high in a political season here in the U.S., let's not forget those who need.  I'm pretty sure Jesus doesn't care a lick about who wins an election, but I am positive His heart hurts for people who are hurting. 

Let's don't let the media dictate our attention on Global Events.  Just because the Haiti story is on the back page of the newspaper doesn't give us the o.k. to forget our Haitian Friends. 


Let me know what you think

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