We had such a great weekend this weekend.  It's almost like when you focus on something in ministry, it helps working it on the home front. 

I flew back home on Saturday, and my oldest was waiting in the airport for me by himself.  It was so good to see him just waiting to see dad.   We had some lunch, saw some soccer games, and then we started working on a project in the yard. 

It wasn't a real big project, but it was something where it was just us, and we were focused on accomplishing something together.  I didn't get anxious with the project, and totally recognized that it was our time to hang together.  So, I gave him some real responsibility.  He had to move some rocks up the hill to make a path, and then water down the dirt to make sure the path was smooth.  It wasn't a huge job, but it was an important piece in order that we got something finished. 

Give your Son REAL responsibility.  He's got to learn to be counted on to succeed, and he might have the chance to fail.

All too often our parenting centers around protection for success.  I don't hear many parents giving their students a chance to succeed or fail. I'm talking about REAL responsibility.  It's important that your son feels like you can trust him to do a job.  It's important that he feels like you care enough about him to bring him along with you in your work, rather than just babysitting him. 

I realize this is an age thing, but when your kids are old enough to help, LET THEM!!  Let them feel the praise of success.  AND let them understand what it means to fail.  If they have the chance, who knows; you might be able to have a really sweet teaching time as they learn how to go about doing the right thing. 

The greatest gift you can give your son is the ability to make it on their own.  And how much more will they learn than if you invite them?  Sure, I might put the rocks in a different order, but who really cares?  As long as he had a chance to help around the house, he felt like he was a part of what I was doing.  It was AWESOME!!

I love my Son!

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  1. Great post!
    One of the best parts of seeing my two sons (ages 7 and 10) grow up has been finding ways to feed their interests and watching them learn from the activity. There’s truly nothing like the beaming look on their faces when we’ve done a project together and they feel that sense of accomplishment. Even if things don’t go as planned, all of us gain perspective and knowledge from the “doing” and come together even more as Father and Sons. And yes, from their involvement, I gain from that as well.
    Take care!

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