Jenna G

Don't think you can make a difference?  Look what a school of 4th graders is doing to help kids around the world.  AWESOME!!  Way to Go Mrs. Miller!!

As you know, our school began Project Rwanda in August of 2009 in honor of your family and your two adopted children from Rwanda.

After hearing your stories from Rwanda on you tube and from Mrs. Miller, we all wanted to help.

We are sponsoring 9 rwandan children through compassion international.

Every month students bring in their own money they have earned to donate to their Rwandan child.

Last year we raised $3221.25 from September to May

This year we have pledge cards and 150 of the 200 students at our school have pledged to turn in a monthly donation.

Along with Mrs. Miller’s weight loss a thon, our September pledges totalled over $1,200.

Our pledge total this year is currently $500 per month.

Thank you and please tell your family thank you for inspiring our school to reach out to Rwanda in the name of Jesus.


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