What a Great Week!!  I spent Monday through Friday in Enid Oklahoma with my new friends at Oklahoma Bible Academy.  We spent time working through some Real Teen issues for their spiritual emphasis week.  It happened to be their homecoming week too, so everyday was an exciting feel of newness.  Color Day,  Hippie Day, Kindergarten dress up day, and today was Spirit day.  I'm telling you, they knew how to dress up. 

Monday was knowing what we believe, and then a late night Football game.
Tuesday we did what we believe and held a Parent's Night for parents in the community interested in knowing current teen trends.
Wednesday I started the behavior section, and we did a KIVU Preview that night.
Thursday I went to Kingfisher to meet up with some friends.  We talked about churches, raising funds, and even introduced KIVU to about 10 teenagers from Kingfisher. 
Friday I finished out the week, and now it's time to spend an un-inhibited time with my Lady and the Braner Bunch.  .We're unhooking for the weekend, so I'll be out till Monday, but until then…

I just want to say thanks publically to the students of OBA.  You guys listened well, and it was my pleasure to hang with you this week. 

To the teachers and administrators, THANK YOU.  Thanks for being brave and courageous to allow your students to go on a faith journey through High School. 

To my hosts, and all my new friends, YOU GUYS WERE INCREDIBLE.  Being away from my own family is tough, but when there are people like you guys taking care of me, it makes it a little easier.  Thank you for your sacrifice, your time, and your incredible support for what we're doing at KIVU going into the future.  I'm humbled and honored to have spent a week in ENID.  Thanks Guys. 


  1. Thank you so much for coming and spending time with our students. My freshman and junior were powerfully impacted by what you shared and the effective, respectful way in which you communicated. The parent’s meeting was also very valuable.
    We appreciate you – and your family for giving up time with you.
    An OBA mom, Janet Wiens

  2. Andy! Man, what a great blessing you were this week to ALL of us…I’m not sure if the students or adults got more out of it. I know as a teacher I really enjoyed learning new ways to try to communicate to the students. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your family’s sacrifice so that we could benefit. Tell your wife and kids that we are incredibly indebted to them. Bring the whole clan next time!!
    I know you’ve heard this before when you speak somewhere, but I wanted to let you know that I’ve had amazing conversations with a lot of students this week that stemmed from your teaching. God really used you here…I hope our paths cross again.
    God bless you and your family,
    Jay Mendenhall

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