How can USA today be wrong?  (ok, in full disclosure, this is my Branson home that I would desperately love to sell) 

Bransonx The article is in the Travel Section of USA Today (click on USA TODAY or the full article), and they're right.  Branson is a G-Rated town where thousands are coming to find good clean fun. 

The housing market is a tough place though, right?  All over the country people are suffering from a dive in home prices.  I just spent an evening with one of my friends down in Phoenix Arizona where it's been hit the hardest, and it's incomprehensible how many open homes there are down here. 

I started asking around, "How can the housing market be so bad?"  And I think the conclusion I've come to is there are a whole lot of people who were involved in the greatest crime of the century. 

Banks pushed for loans to people who couldn't afford them.
Loan Officers were granted commission on the number of loans they approved.
People took loans they knew they would never pay back.
And some, even forged their own income statements so they could take out loans they wouldn't ever be able to afford.  It's pretty awful all the way around. 

For the last couple of years I've been lulled by the outcries of people who want to blame the government, but really, with a few checks and balances, this could have all been avoided. 

If banks did their job by screening people, we wouldn't be in the worst economy since the great depression.

If Loan Officers weren't rewarded for fraudulent product, we wouldn't be feeling the pinch we feel now.

And reasonably thinking, if people would just stop trying to live in homes they can't afford anyway, we might have saved thousands of jobs. 

I guess the article in USA Today hit me on several levels. 

I DO have a home on the market in Branson, but deeper than even my desire to sell a house comes a realization the human spirit is filled with greed. 

Greedy people skewed the economy.  It wasn't the government.  It wasn't solely the fault of the banks.  When it gets right down to the matter, it was us.  We are responsible for the Great Depression of the 21st century.  Our self centered, greedy little eyes, had to live in homes we thought people would notice and think we were something we're not. 

What a lesson for us all.  But this lesson is going to go on for generations to come.  Economists say our greed in the housing market may produce the first generation where kids are going to have it worse off than their parents.  All because of our greed.

I know this doesn't help the sale of my home in Branson, but when it's all said and done, it's just a house.  I'm way more concerned with the heart of man, rather than the sale of a house. 

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding…"  that's where I want to be. 

May God bless you today!!


  1. Andy I just started following your blog and I think it is great. This post is right on! There is enough blame to go around but you are right, it all comes back to the basic sinful heart of fallen mankind. We want what we cannot or should not have and we get grief out of all proportion as a result.

  2. God is indeed in need of fithfull poeple in our generation to this land PASTOR HENRY KISSINGER KITALE KENYA

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