Remember when these two hooligans revolutionized the way we laugh at the movies?  I remember sitting in the theater, looking at my friend with a confused look on my face, "I don't get it."  But as time went on, I found Dumb and Dumber one of the funniest movies of all time. 

What happened?

I think I got Dumber!

No, really.  I think after a while, sitting in the seat of dumb, I started just assimilating dumb.  I thought laughing at bathroom humor started becoming funny, until one day I woke up and thought, "why am I laughing at this?"  I started thinking about the trajectory of humor I'd been flying on, and decided without conscious creativity I was prone to just allow my surroundings dictate my idea of what is funny and what isn't.

This morning I was on a news cruise and found an article that headlines:  SURVEY:  Americans know little about religion, including their own. 

As I read the article, I was sitting back without an attitude of pessimism, just asking, How do we get here?  How do we become a group of people existing inside a faith, that don't know what we believe?

Could it be, our leaders have stopped teaching what it is at the core of the faith?
Could it be, our consumption with entertainment is the very cancer making us dumber?
Could it be, we've allowed ourselves to forget the reason for faith?
Could it be, we're just all consumed with life that slowing down to re-visit core principles takes too much work?

I'm embarrassed that we are a part of a group of faith that knows less about their religion than any civilization in history.  We're getting Dumber!  New York Times Article

I guess that's why I have the passion to help students come to a knowledge of faith during their teenage years. It's so important!  If in fact truth exists inside faith, then it's ever more imparative that we get a handle on "knowing."

Who knows?  Out of education we might find faith to actually be helpful, rather than hurtful, as many of my friends on the University campus today might think. 

Will we have a generation willing to stand up and know what they believe and why they believe it?

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  1. Gosh andy. This just sucks. And sets me off. I do’t understand. How can someone even say they believe something when they don’t know what the options are. Even more, how can someone believe something without knowing what it’s about? This is just depressing. But to some extent God’s bounds are greater than logic. But does this even go that far?

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