I stole her seat in 1993 in a small Old Testament class at Baylor University, and that was the beginning of the best years of my life. 

For a time we were just best friends, and then something happened.  I guess you might say I woke up and smelled the roses.  I looked across a table and saw a woman I truly wanted to spend the rest of my life with. 

Well, 17 years later, here we sit.  Pioneering a global teenage ministry together.  Five Kids.  A life in Colorado.  And the Best Years Yet To Come. 

Jamie Jo is the light of my life, the apple of my eye, my support, my encouragement, and my Love.  Her ability to swallow her pride, and make me feel like $1Million bucks is unmatched by anyone in my life.

She's got a sparkle in her eye, and a spring in her step.
Her heart is full for being the best mom she can be, and she doesn't stop trying to be the best wife she can.
Her spirit of adventure, and her strong loyalty have already written a story rivaling the great novels of literary classic. 

I'm more excited today to be married to this wonderful woman. 

I smile when she walks in the door.
I laugh when she cracks her famous un-cooth jokes.
She makes me want to be a better man, and helps me be a better husband.
Her love is unconditional, and for a guy like me; I value that more than anything else in my world. 
She's my love.
She's my life.
She's #1!

Thanks Jamie Jo for showing me how to love.  Thanks for your relentless motherhood while you try and tackle so many other things in your world.  You're a beautiful example of the way to love life well.  I love you in your beauty and your quirks.  It's AWESOME!!

Thanks for loving me so well. 


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