One of my favorite topics to study is Christian History.  Where did it start?  Why did it move?  Where did it go?  All from the beginning.

It's interesting to watch the source of faith in God begin in what Anthropologists call the fertile Crescent.  The Garden of Eden was somewhere between the Tigris and Euphrates river in modern day Iraq.  (Genesis 2:14-15)

It's also of some note to see the empires of the day built on the movement of people who are interested in knowing God.  First Greece, then Roman, British next, and then American.  As far as western civilization is concerned, power and prosperity always moves with faith in God.  Wherever there are people who live and hold to honest Judeo/Christian principles, it seems that society prospers. 

I'm not saying God is interested in blessing with finances and riches, I'm just wondering if there is a real correlation to the success of a global civilization when that certain people group actually live out the principles outlined in the Bible?

Things like….

Thou shalt not kill. (Exodus 20:13)
Thou shalt not steal. (Exodus 20:15)
Thou shalt not bear false witness (Exodus 20:16)
Love God, Love your neighbor. (Matthew 22:37-40)

I mean, it seems that a society would survive a bit better if it didn't kill itself from the inside. 

It would trust itself if the members didn't take from within.

If we didn't lie to one another, it makes sense that we would prosper.

Oh, and that love your neighbor thing, what if we started looking out for each other, rather than relying on the "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" American mentality?

On my daily news cruise this morning I found an article by the journal The Catholic Exchange The writers did an excellent expose of a business in China.  It was incredible. 

 Weng-Jen Wau, a valve company owner in China, 
believes that the more Christian employees he has, the better his
business will prosper.

“If you’re a Christian you’re more honest, with a better heart,” Wau
says. And if they do something wrong, “they feel guilty—that’s the
difference,” he notes.

An employee at Wau’s factory agreed. “If everybody became a
Christian,” he said, “it would have a very big impact, and would really
help the development of our factory.”

I found the original article on the BBC website.  Click Here for BBC Article

Isn't it interesting to think about?  Here, we live in a society that was built on the hard work and honesty of values, but as we discover the deepest darkest holes in the economy we see the roots of sin spread wide.  It wasn't the honest people working hard that watched the economy tank, it was the sum whole of sin working through our economic system.  It was Greed, Dis-honesty, Ego, Pride, and all the worst parts of humanity. 

I talked with a friend of mine yesterday about the housing bubble that burst in 2007.  The details were nothing short of ludicrous.  People falsifying bank statements to get more loan money.  Loan officers greedy to sign the next deal.  Bankers putting bad mortgages together and selling them to bigger banks, knowing they were risky to begin with.  "Most people in the real world go to jail for this kind of stuff." he said. 

Well, they might not go to jail, but it does cause us to sit back and think a bit.  Maybe the idea that Freedom is something where you can do whatever you want no matter the cost is a naive consortion that can't survive.  The foundation and fundamentals of an economic system built to survive must have at its basis some sort of moral code whereby people can respect each other. 

The idea that we are all in competition to see who can sit on top of the heap is a mirage.  There are people out fighting for laws, rules, and regulations; because inside their minds they think they have a chance to go out and be billionaires. They don't want rules for billionaires because they don't want to abide by those rules when it's their turn.


Most of us will never be billionaires.  In fact, less than .0003% of the world's population is ever going to see that kind of money.  But it's not about regulation.

It's about the heart.

It's not about bank reform, social security reform, welfare reform, defense spending reform. NO…it's about heart reform.  When we will be a people again who can look at each other in the eyes and trust?  When will we sell for an honest price?  Or buy for a solid value? 

The Chinese are figuring it out.  Why?  Because faith is on the march west as it always has through history.  As we wiggle through the worst economy in American history, it might be that until we figure out the reform of the heart, we'll just keep getting worse. 

What do you think?


  1. Hey Andy,
    Great blog post! I am reading Radical by David Platt at the moment and this is right on. Christians…”Followers of Christ” need to wake up and live the life that Christ modeled for us. We have been slowly pacified to follow an “American” Jesus and make Him fit into our way of life….that is creating a false god….Idolatry! Jesus never changed…we did and it is time to retool and refocus and get busy about the work that Jesus asked us to do.
    Keep up the fight and one day we can get together and share stories….
    Following The Leader,

  2. Andy, Awesome post.. First thing comes to mind is; We reap what we sow!
    Our great country needs to get back on tract with what the founders of our country intended. One nation under GOD! There is still a great silent majority who needs to wake up and Create A Movement |Affect a change!
    Thanks, for what your doing..

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