Tired of Spring Break trips where you’re concerned for your safety?

Tired of Parties that keep you up all night, and pressure you to do things you wouldn’t normally do?

Tired of spending money on wasteful “good times?”

Come join us for a Spring Break with a purpose.


Since 2005, I’ve been taking students around the world to “give back.”  We don’t go to witness.  Our main goal isn’t to prostelatyze.  Our purpose is simple, FUN, FELLOWSHIP, SERVICE!  We want to go to the Philippines island chain for a little relaxing time, laughing, playing, sailing, sunning, and beaching.  It’s going to be a BLAST!!

But we recognize the inner desire of all of us to give back. 

So, with our partnering with ICM (The International Care Ministries of the Philippines) we are building houses, playing with school kids, ramping up our basketball skills, and just plain giving back to the least of these. 

Come join us for the trip of a lifetime!!! Register ONLINE at

And just in case you need some images…here’s our trip from 2010…..

Let me know what you think

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