Let's just be honest, as Christians, resurrection is the only thing we got!  Sure, there are great philosophies to live life by.  The Bible speaks of so many great ways societies can come together.  We can read encouraging stories from the past, but Paul was right, "… if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins." (1 Corinthians 15:17)

I was recently reading an article on the Catholic Exchange Website, reminded once again today; no matter what you think of the Christian faith, no matter what your experience or tradition might be, Resurrection is the key. 

For it is through the example of resurrection in Jesus that we have freedom from death.
Through His unity of body and spirit, we have hope that one day those things will happen for those of us who follow Him.

This Worldview isn't just about picking out the right way to live. 
It's about knowing that we all have dark hidden places in our souls that need restoration. 
We all have cracks in our armor that need mending. 
We all have issues that without proper addressing will lead to death.  (Romans 6:23)

So what do we do?  We fill the cracks. 

We fill them with money.
We fill them with power.
We fill them with friends.
We fill them with family.
We fill them with church.
We fill them with pleasure.
We fill them with whatever makes us feel good at the moment. 

But reality…NOTHING HELPS.

Christianity is the only faith system where God literally came to earth, lived life with His creation, died a death that fulfilled the necessary sacrifice of our sin, and then showed us how the end will really happen. 

In the end, all those dark places in your soul will be given light, through the light of God.
All those cracks in your armor will be mended well, through the forgiveness and mercy of God. 
You will be restored to the place where God intended us to be in Genesis 1 and 2, a perfect wonderful, right creation. 
And today, you can begin to live out that resurrection. 

When I look at my life, with all the dark places I have hidden things, I see clearly, without Resurrection, this life is worthless.  

No amount of money can help.
No success of ministry can fill it.
No amount of friends on facebook can bring life to my soul.

It's only by the resurrection power of Jesus.  It's all we Got.

I was listening to David Crowder this morning….

"he is jealous for me,
loves like a hurricane, i am a tree
bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy.

when all of a sudden,
i am unaware of these affections equipped in glory
and i realize just how beautiful you are,
and how great your affections are for me.

and oh, how he loves us
oh how he loves us
oh how he loves us all"

This is our hope.
This is our prayer.

Resurrection:  It's all we got!


  1. True. The resurrection is the only key to life. That’s the all important thing we’ve got. But I must say, the resurrection marks our birth! All the glorious things come after that. As the Scriptures says, just as Christ is risen from the dead, so walk we also in the newness of life!

  2. How absolutely true! Without the resurrection, Christianity would be just like any other world religion- some kind of moral code to live by. The resurrection proved Jesus is who he says he is.

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