In today's economy we're all trying to find the best value for the least amount of cash.  Summer camping is no different. 

I was just in New York checking out some of the premiere camps in the North East…WOW!  Some of the facilities are absolutely incredible, but the price….YOWZERS!!  You have to take out a second mortgage to send your kids to camp. 

I looked at camps in the Mid West.  Excellent facilities, but once again, when you're staring down the pipe of $2000 for a two week excursion, it gets tough to justify. 

Here at KIVU, we've unlocked one of the greatest values in summer camping. 

For around $100 a day you get…

A cabin in the mountains.
Great food prepared by our loving kitchen staff.
Trained counselors who have the ability to guide your Colorado Adventure
Road Biking
Mountain Biking
Rock Climbing
Fly Fishing
White Water Rafting
Wave Runners
Big Boats
Expedition class Mountaineering
World Class Worldview Teaching
All Year Round connection with your old friends and new ones you meet.
And an invitation to a faith adventure you'll never forget. 

Check it out at http://www.campkivu.com

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