There's a New Look for the WEBSTIE, New programs to enroll, and new prices for summer 2011.  The staff here at KIVU has spent the last weeks making sure your experience online is easy to navigate, full of information, and meet the needs of our friends and families. 

1Mt. Biking


I know school just started a few weeks ago, but many people are already looking forward to summer 2011.  Coming off one of our greatest summer's in Durango, 2011 is sure to be another mountaintop experience for teenagers from around the globe. 

CAMP ADVENTURES – Be sure to check out our new term dates, and our new ages.  There are one week terms, two week terms, and Family weekend trips we'll be offering this year.  As we've tried to maximize the space we're going to have, we're expecting normal terms to fill quickly this season.

14 – Day – Terms  – $1400

7 – Day – Terms – $800

7 – Day – Camper Expeditions $600

MISSION ADVENTURES – We heard you loud and clear.  Mission work is important, and as we train teenagers in the value of a "WORLDVIEW" we want to give them a taste of the real world.  We'll be taking Three trips this summer.  1.) GULF COAST 2.) HAITI and 3.)AFRICA.  All trips are scheduled so that a student could go to a camp term and then add on an additional mission week if they desire.  We encourage you to sign up early and begin the process of preparation as these trips are sure to be life changing events in the lives of students. 

Gulf Coast – $1000

Haiti – $1500

Rwanda – $3500

FAMILY ADVENTURES – We heard you when you told us you wanted some time to experience the outdoors as a family.  So we've set up a few weekend through the summer where Moms and Dads can come along with their kids to hike the beautiful San Juan Mountain range of Southwestern Colorado.  If you'd like to make a memory of a lifetime, come join us on our KIVU family trips.

Family Trips – $600



We've taken extraordinary steps to meet the needs of families so camping can be a part of their growing up time with kids.  But we also know the world is in a financial crisis, and so with the addition of all these programs, we sharpened our pencils to give you the adventure for a price you can afford. 

This year we've reduced our prices by 25% so we can attempt to closer meet the American Family budget.  We don't want to reduce the product.  We won't compromise the experience.  But we've found a way to pass costs along to you, so more can enjoy.


So what are you waiting for.  Click over to CAMP KIVU and register for summer 2011 today!

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