Nine students.
One Year.
Three Countries.
Change the World.

The KIVU gap year is underway, and we have the greatest 9 students to be the first!!  The idea is to have high school graduates take a year before they go to college to develop their own Worldview Life Thesis. 

They're starting in Denver.  Interning in some of the most incredible places.  Some are with attorneys learning how to deal with poverty and the law.  Others are caring for kids in broken homes.  Some are learning what it means to serve the homeless.  Others are practically doing ministry in an urban setting.  It's absolutely AWESOME!

You can follow these brave 9 on facebook, twitter, and some of them are even blogging their experience.  AND, if you're in the Denver area, we'll be having an open house Tuesday night to see what all is going on.  

I'm so proud of these first 9.
I'm so proud of the KIVU staff embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. 
I'm excited to see how God is going to prepare these 9 for a lifetime of ministry. 

As they travel over the next year through Urban Denver, Africa, and the Philippines; there will be stories to tell. 

This could be one of the most important ministries to be developed through KIVU within the last decade.  Come join us as we train teenagers and college students to Love God with all their essence, as they love their neighbors. 


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