It was the summer of 1994.  I decided to work for a summer camp called Kanakuk because my friend's dad actually ran the place.  I drove up to K-2, the teenage camp, in the heat of July in Branson Missouri, and met my Co-Counselor.

I opened the door to Cabin 1, and there sat the guy I was going to spend 26 days with.  We were going to mentor 12-13 year old boys for the next month, and it was time to get to know each other a bit before the boys arrived.  He lifted his head, and I couldn't believe it.  There sat John Sowers.

John lived in Little Rock Arkansas where I grew up.  We knew each other casually through youth groups, various school functions, and mutual friends.  We weren't best friends, yet; but we did have a common connection, and I was so excited I actually knew someone here at this massive summer sports program, I couldn't believe it. 

We spent the next 26 days learning how to effectively be a dad to these kids who were participating in all the activities Kanakuk has to offer.  It was such a thrill, and I'll never forget those early mornings John and I prayed together, the advice he gave me, and friendship forged while we spent almost every waking hour together. 

Well, fast forward 15 years. 

He's Dr. John Sowers now, after receiving his doctoral degree from Gordon Conwell, John married one of our classic leadership team members from our place in Colorado, now called KIVU.  She went on to graduate from law school.  Both of them moved to Portland Oregon, and now John is the President of The Mentoring Project.  He's working with Don Miller in Oregon, and the work they are doing is nothing short of spectacular. 

Which leads me to the purpose of this post. 

John's first book is releasing this morning, and I believe it to be a crucial book for the healing of a next generation.  His doctoral dissertation was on the need for society to understand the role of a Father, and God has defiantly seared a Father's need in the heart of John Sowers. 

This book uses real life examples, of real people who lived in a world where Dad's weren't around.  They were, and many still are, looking for the role of a father in their life.  As a full time teenage advocate, I couldn't recommend this book any higher on my list of things to read.  I've already clicked on the icon, and am ordering it today. 

Everyone who reads this blog today needs to click on the book above, check out the first chapter, and read this book.  John is a great guy with a great heart to restore the next generation's need for a Dad.  So what are you waiting for, click over there and get the thing.  First day release is Today!!

In the meantime, here's a review from Don Miller.

Don Miller Reviews Fatherless Generation from The Mentoring Project on Vimeo.

You can check out John's work at http://www.fatherlessgeneration.com/

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