Megachurch - used

It's no secret…the American church is in a slow decline.  Denominational heads are wondering how to continue to appeal to the modern American family, while trying to hold true to the values preached in the Bible. 

The youth community is well aware over 75% of teenagers raised in Christian homes, who go off to secular Universities give up on the faith during their first year in college. 

So what are we to do?  The good old American Democratic polling method should give us the answers. 

In a recent survey, a group of Methodists have reported on how to make a church lively again.  Click Here to Read the Whole USA Today Article

As I read it, a few things stuck out to me….

Rev. Kent Millard is quoted as saying, "Worship is like going to a mall," … "There are all kinds of
stores. Some people like specialty shops. Some like department stores.
When you have variety, people can go where they like."

And as I sat to ponder that section I thought, "Is this what Worship has become?" 

Are we simply creating 'malls' of faith for people to come and 'shop' for their specific type of Christianity?  And maybe more importantly, do you think this is what God intended for those of us who follow Jesus?

I'm concerned we're creating a place that doesn't differ that much from the world.  We love to sing the songs we know, smell the perfumes we like, look at pretty people all dressed up, but what are we teaching about the Bible and the way Jesus called us to the Way? 

I'm all for church. 
I've been to some incredible churches that would categorize themselves as Mega. 
But ask yourself what the purpose of church growth is.

Is it to make disciples, or merely entertain?

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