Can you imagine showing up to school, 14 years old, and 6ft 9inches tall?  I remember walking the halls of 8th grade when the girls started sprouting up, but this story of Elisany Silva's struggle to ride the school bus is unbelievable. 

According to the popular UK media outlet, The Telegraph, Elisany can't fit in the bus so she decided to drop out of school all together. 

Can you imagine?

Middle School is a tough place to survive anyway, but when you stick out at 6ft. 9inches, it must be really hard!!

It reminds me of all the insecurities I see when I deal with teenagers.  Whether it's too tall, too short, too skinny, too fat, or whatever the reason; kids are always trying to figure out how to fit in their own skin.  Confidence is usually not a common commodity around the hallways of high school these days. 

Sure, there are coping mechanisms.  You have everything from the bully to the jock, the emo to the popular crowd, but inside; the plague of today's teenager is the inability to recognize their own value in respect to their sphere of influence. 

But I guess that's not only something we see in the teenage world.  College students are trying to figure out who they are.  Young adults are trying to understand what career they've been called to.  Even older adults go through times when they wonder 'what am I doing here.' 

I talked with a Psychologist last night and asked, "What issues do you deal with the most?"  He told me that anxiety and depression as it is related to identity were the most common cases he sees on a daily basis. 

So today, I guess I just want to ask, If you were honest with yourself, what part of YOU do you feel is most insecure with today? 

You probably don't have to try and fit in a schoolbus at 6ft 9, but we all have things we have to overcome as it relates to our own skin. 

I find it another reason I believe in what I believe.  The idea I'm not the source of my own skin is a welcomed relief.  In fact, at the core of the Christian Worldview sits a beautiful idea of a creator who actually engages with us here on the planet. 

Not only do we see God as some far away energy source, but rather; we see God as a pro-active creative force who actually gives life, grace, mercy, wisdom, and direction while we are here on the earth.  This God loves us so much He actually is a driving force who invites us to participate in His creative will for the earth even with our insecurity.   The Bible says, "Greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world."  (1 John 4:4)   It's actually a place where I find great strength and confidence in a world full of insecurity. 

Let me know what you think

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