Old Man Luedecke 3

You ever feel like our society and culture are just designed for the young?  I was thinking about the last post I wrote here, the girl with the photoshop on her modeling picture; and I was thinking about how many folks probably feel like they're too old, too fat, too skinny, too clumsy, too slow, too fast…just too WHATEVER to fit in.  

It's a culture of iPods and Youtube. 
A place where the fastest win, and the old are put out to pasture.  Right?

This morning I was reading through Genesis 9 where God promised the rainbow, and I noticed something peculiar.  Did you know Noah actually lived until he was 950 years old?

"After the flood Noah lived 350 years. Altogether, Noah lived 950 years, and then he died." (Gen. 9:28-29)

Can you believe that?  950??  WOW…I'm looking at some of my friends that are 90 and I'm wondering how in the world they are keeping it all together. 

950??  It just brings a smile to my face.  WOW, that's a long time. 

So I wonder what Noah felt like? 

What was it like on the 732nd birthday bash for Noah?

I mean he only had another 218 to go.  HA!  

I wonder if Noah ever got discouraged. 
I wonder if he ever thought, "Those whipper snappers just need to run it.  I'm tired."
I wonder what it was like for his body to start wearing out.
Did he wake up and say, "Oh man 850 is tough!  Oh to be 800 again!"  HA!

Ok, the real connection I got from my time this morning is the fact that there's never too old. 

You can't be too old to connect in this society. 

Even though we're not living in the post-flood civilization, this culture needs seasoned vets. 

It needs Seniors to reach out to the young leaders to help them understand the mistakes that have already been made. 

They young leaders need mentors. 
The old seniors need the young energy. 
It's a match made in heaven.

I was in a conversation not long ago, and one of my older friends was complaining that the new generation didn't have any room for the old folks.  And nothing could be further from the truth.  Unfortunately there is a self made gap between the young and the old in our social set up.  

Both are looking for trusting relationships. 
Both need each other.
Both would love to have a friend in another generation. 
Both are designed to be together.  

But Both are SCARED TO DEATH to initiate a relationship that might be thought of as weird on either part.  Guess what!?  It's never going to happen unless someone steps out to make it happen.  We've got to have the courage to see the need for these two groups to come together, and take charge.  We've got to go and make it happen, it's not just going to be a match made in heaven without some initiation. 

So, if you're feeling like society is geared only for the youth, take a second out of your day, and just go make friends with someone a little younger than you.  You can rest assured, they need you, and to be quite frank, you need them too. 

I say all this on behalf of the teenage generation out there.  Teenagers are in dyer need of mentors who will care about them, love them, and guide them through the next hardest years of their lives.  Will you be one? 

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  1. I most certainly agree that young generation these days are stereo typing. They don’t realize that they themselves will get there one day.The more we get older the more wiser we get with more wider options.The old generation worked so hard to develope the cities and towns to get to what it is today.This old generation should be respected and counted worthy, and accepted and useful in the community.Not to be tossed in the back row but to combine and work together with both old and the new brains.The oldies are so full of more wiser knowleadges than the young generation.I personaly suggest that we should not think the way we do and help and backup the young generation by working together helpping and supporting eachother.Young should empathize with the old.Making the old generation feel that they are wanted,needed, useful and NOT to be castout of the community unworthlessly.Thankyou for letting me comment here.

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