As the last full day of KIVU wraps up for the summer, there are so many memories flooding through my head right now. 

We've had the greatest leadership team of all time.  I've never worked with people more self-less, more full of grace, that just like to smile and have a good time. 

The trip guys, who run the out of camp trips everyday, worked harder than ever!!

The kitchen staff was phenomenal, and actually uped the anti for food service.  I've never eaten so well!!

The video people and the photo folks worked tirelessly to capture every moment.  We've got some GREAT video coming your way soon!!

The Counselors who lived in the cabins were incredible.  Living and Leading teenagers everyday closer to a relationship with God. 

The health staff who came out to volunteer were exceptional!

The maintenance team rocked it and elevated the property to a gem here in Colorado.

Our finance people, office staff, clothing vendors….it just goes on and on. 

As I take a trip down memory lane, I'm overwhelmed by the sacrifice people make out here to make sure God is glorified in everything we do.  AND…they continue to solidify the ties of friendship along the way. 

The journey is truly more exciting as we walk with each other. 
The mountain might be big, but when you climb it with people you love…it's priceless. 

As we work to help guide the next generation…..

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