For sprinter's it's seconds away, while long distance runners learn the art of endurance. 

The finish line is a time honored destination where the race ends. 
It's the point where all the work and energy put into a race boils down to a single line crossing the track. 

Here at KIVU we're coming around the "fourth turn" of our summer, and getting ready to get our sprint on.  The finish line is in sight.  The end is near.  You can literally see it in the eyes of the staff. 

But this morning…it was different.

In the midst of a tired, exhausting summer, there have been so many lessons God is interested in teaching us.  I challenged the team this morning, "Finish line is not a simple destination, life is about the journey!"

So enjoy it!

Enjoy day to day life, as it unfolds around you.
If you're constantly looking at the finish line for relief, you might just miss the beauty God tries to show you in the process. 

Although the finish line is near, here at KIVU, it's really just another mile marker in life's long road trip.

We're excited, and can't wait to see what God is going to do next. 

Let me know what you think

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