He's the face of the modern neo-atheist movement. 
He joins Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, and Sam Harris in a tirade against modern organized religion. 
He's a New York Times best selling author.
And He's struggling for every breath. 

Christopher Hitchens has been seen by many in the faith community as somewhat of a thorn in the side.  With his continue barrage of anti-faith rhetoric, Hitchens has managed to throw more than one stone directly in the path of what I claim is the most important part of existence. 

But in this hour…nothing of that matters.

His article in the recent Vanity Fair magazine is a touching reminder of life here on earth.  You can link to the article below, and read the battle Mr. Hitchens is currently fighting with cancer, and if I know anything about faith, this is the most dire need for prayer. 

Will you join me in praying for Mr. Hitchens.  As a follower of Jesus is it my delight to pray (matthew 5:44) for you sir.  May God help give you strength in your time. 

Let me know what you think

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