On the daily news cruise this morning, and I found this on the front page of the CNN.com website.  REALLY?  Is this the face of Christianity today?  Is this where we've come? 

All the work we do to spread the gospel of love and peace.
All the work we do to help the next generation to go out and live like Jesus.
The countless hours of counseling students to know God.
The years of my life I've dedicated to searching truth, and understanding God's Mercy and Forgiveness. 
And this is it?

I don't know if I should stop reading the news, or send this guy a book on how to be a considerate HUMAN.  THIS ISN'T THE WAY!

Oh…watch this and tell me what you think.  I'm going to have to take a walk and sort out my thoughts here.  This is unbelievable. 

After the summer, I guess I need to do a little training on how to love people who think differently than you do.  WOW!!  I'm just overwhelmed right now. 

Is this the way Jesus acts in an age of Mercy?
Is this what forgiveness looks like?
No matter, say vengeance IS required, didn't God say vengeance is mine?
And oh yea, what about those Romans who worshiped all those 'pagan' gods, did Jesus just go and burn down the centers of pagan religious worship? 

No, Jesus knew there would come a day where all people would bow to Him.
He was confident in the power of God to transform the lives of people.
He didn't make an army here on earth.
He didn't garner some empire of hate.

He met people where they were, in their time of need, and gave them hope. 


People of faith beware.  It was Hitler who first decided to start burning books, and look where that got us.

I think you'd be hard pressed to follow Jesus to a book burning of any sort.  At least in the time we live now, it seems His grace and Mercy are best realized in the heart of personal relationships. 

Those that care for one another's needs, rather than insult one another.
Those that model God's love for the whole world, rather than bow down to their luring of hatred.
Those that can see past fear and the conjuring of hate, into the eyes of a loving God.

Rick Sanchez is right.  We serve the Prince of Peace, and this is a stab in the face to 1.5 billion people.  

Church WAKE UP!  This is not the way.

"Christianity has deep convictions about what is true, but I don't think Christians should impose themselves on people.  My greatest concern is theocracy."  – Chuck Colson-

Let me know what you think

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