It's a beautiful view from the top, isn't it?

The climb can seem long.
The road might get weary.
You might even look around and wonder if anyone else is there.

But when you get to the top and celebrate with each other, it's a whole lot more fun with friends. 

Faith isn't that different than climbing a mountain.

Oh sure, there are those that try and sell the necessity of a life of solitude to understand higher things of God (and no doubt solitude is valuable), but a life filled with people you care about and care for you….there's no replacing.  It's God's design.

Faith together can be an achievable climb.
Knowledge shared with one another can build relationships that are strong.
And together, it's a whole lot more fun!

In some of the circles I run in, there's a need to be a Godly Lone Ranger. 
People want to experience the joy of team, only on the high mark of success. 
There's something intrinsic to the culture here to 'pull yourself up by your bootstraps,' or wait for God to refine us individually.

But they're missing out.

They're missing out on the joy of the climb.
They're missing out on the depth of sharing life together.
They're missing out on truly celebrating, because when you climb alone, there's no one at the top but you!

My hope is, that we can grow to understand the mysteries of God together.
My prayer is, the community of faith can lock arms in unity.
And it seems like God's plan would be that we can come together as a family of God under His banner of identity. 

May the climb be filled with laughter.
May the struggle unfold the mysteries of being known.
May WE see God together. 

Enjoy the Top of the Mountain with someone today.

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