Tubing on bridge

I gotta admit, when I saw this picture, I just smiled. Not only are they my friends, but if they saw a picture tells a thousand words…what do YOU see?

I see joy.
I see adventure.
I see risk.
I see teenagers who like to be in control of everything from image to safety, just let go. 

Tubing on the river out here at KIVU is one of our favorite things to do, and when the photographer grabbed this picture I thought, "That's FAITH."

My father in law had a saying once, "Faith isn't faith until it's all you're holding on to."

Easy to say, right?

Now, I'm definitely not one of these three sheets to the wind guys.
Jamie and I often have theological discussions, where I end up asking more questions than finding answers, and she says things like, "God said it.  Why you questioning?"

Because I want to know why?
Because I want to know how?
Because I want to somehow put the experiences of my life in the context of God's story and make sense of things.
But really, when it all comes to the bottom line….I want control.

WOW, that's hard to even write.  To confess that you want control in a life where we can't really control much, is a tough thing.  (I'm not writing this for empathy, I'm serious…this is therapeutic for me.)

I was talking to a friend last night, and he was struggling through some issues.  He brought up Job 38.  You ever read that?  WOW….

The simple story of Job is God's testing of a righteous man.  God allows evil in the world to come on Job, and he's become one of the most sought after lessons on grief, consequence, and suffering; our faith knows.  So when Job asks God, why?  God answers….

2 "Who is this that
darkens my counsel
       with words without knowledge?

 3 Brace yourself like a man;
I will question you,
       and you shall answer me.

 4 "Where were you when I laid
the earth's foundation?
       Tell me, if you understand.

 5 Who marked off its
dimensions? Surely you know!
       Who stretched a measuring line
across it?

 6 On
what were its footings set,
       or who laid its cornerstone-

 7 while the morning stars sang
       and all the angels  shouted for joy?

And He goes on and on….for a whole chapter.

How convicting is that?

The implication is simple…Who are you to ask why?  TRUST ME!!

For me…I have to make a conscious decision, DAILY, to just bow out and let go. 

I can't work hard enough.
I can't love well enough.
I can't produce enough.
I can't be enough.

He made the sun, the moon, and the stars.
He told the waves where to stop.
He made the weather patterns.
He causes the rain to fall on the righteous and the unrighteous.  And even though that doesn't make much sense in our linear understanding of God's way….it's truth!

All I can do is just wake up and do the best I know how to do today, and then I am obligated to sit back and say no matter what, "God, you're in control."

So maybe today, take a lesson from a couple of teenage girls in Durango Colorado…
Maybe today, instead of working yourself into a frenzy over life's consequences….
Just let GO!!


  1. Incredible post! Love the picture.
    As a manager in my “day job” I have to be in control.
    It is hard for me to let go of control.
    I find myself asking…
    “what if…”
    “what time…”
    “if I don’t who will?”
    Thanks for the reminder…

  2. I love Job’s story, Just yesterday I was saying to someone how feisty Job was, and how God dealt with it out of his compassion and understanding. I mean, some of our greatest biblical heroes really flung their fists in God’s face. And he let them do it and corrected them and loved them anyway.
    It’s ok to ask why, I suppose, because sometimes, God gives us the answer. Sometimes he wants us to ask. Other times, he has other responses, but he ALWAYS responds. And that fellowship – that relationship – is great.

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