I can't write into words how much fun we're having out here at Camp KIVU.  The stories coming out of this place are just unbelievable. 

"Andy, I want to change my community back home." one student told me.

"Braner, I think I know what it means to follow Jesus." another commented.

One kid even said, "My favorite part of camp is just living." 

Just living??

For the old guy like me, my favorite part is the memories being made. 

It's the rapids safely navigated.
The stars that shine so bright at night.
The incredible parties we have out here with teenagers.
And yes, the fish we catch on the river. 

Can you imagine how many lives are changed because of the memories seared in their minds? 

These are memories that will last forever, and all of them tied to a safe, Godly, spirit filled place called KIVU. 

We're making some incredible memories for teenagers from all over the world. 

Thanks for praying for us.
Thanks for supporting us.
Thanks for understanding how important it is, the work we do.

Here we go Term 4. 

It all starts again today. 

Let me know what you think

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