"There is no doubt there are three major factors in the growth of teenage development.  A Solid Worldview, an Understanding of Sexuality, and a clear picture of Biblical principles." said a major writer in the Christian world today.

I couldn't agree more. 

Upon finishing the first draft of my new book "Sex, Lies, and Hooking Up" I'm keenly aware of teenage sexuality, and those who wish to help address the issue.

There are those who are trying hard to make sure teenagers understand sexuality, abstinence, and the consequences of of their actions. 

Others are poised to stand and help those who make mistakes. 

Some are ready to ostracize the young girl who shows up with a baby in the womb, out of wedlock. 

Others are embracing them with open arms. 

I tend to teach the best of, from both sides.  

We MUST help our kids understand the value of abstinence and consequences of actions, but we MUST also continue to have a heart of compassion to care for those who find themselves living those consequences.  We can't simply throw pregnant mothers to the curb as punishment for mistakes, otherwise; how dare we hold them accountable for running to ally ways and shadows of life to have abortions?

I was reading today in the news the White House has allocated $25 Million for unexpected teen pregnancies.   Click Here for the Article.  I'm proud to live in a country that is beginning to see the error of it's ways concerning abortion, and trying to help young mothers survive the poor sexual decisions they made to bring life into the world.   Evidently the money is going to provide for grants whereby each state can apply and receive funds to help reduce the number of abortions in the country, and try to help pregnant teenagers go through term, get education, and visit places that can provide health advice. 

My hope is we can help walk with unexpected mothers and not turn this into another entitlement program.  But in the meantime, it may be one way we can begin to reduce the number of abortions out there, and start working on a way our country can be known as a country that respects life. 

Let me know what you think

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