A couple of months ago, I had the awesome privilege of being with some friends in Saudi Arabia on the Arabian Gulf.  They just sent me these pictures, and I'm going through thinking about all the great relationships that were made while I was over there. 

These are some of the college students I had the honor of getting to know….


This is my new friend Andrew.  He's a great kid, and I can't wait for him to get over here to KIVU where we can hang some more. 


We played beach soccer going while I was out there….


We even had a little volleyball game going. 

It was awesome. 

All political, religious, and racial stuff was put at bay, and we had a chance to just hang out as people. 

I love what we get to do.  Whether it's here at Camp KIVU, or around the world, teens and college students are all looking for similar things….

Answers to life's toughest questions.
Someone to be there for them when life gets hard
And a good reason to make friends. 

I'm blessed.

Thanks for the pictures Jake.  Can't wait to get back over there.

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