Can you imagine a world where Dad's weren't around?

Think about all the baseball games.
The bike rides.
The hunting trips.
The lessons about girls.
The encouragement from an older role model figure.
Dad's…you guys have the keys to the next generation.

The time you spend with your kids and family is SO valuable.

In fact, most of the issues we get the opportunity to work through here at KIVU with teenagers center around the need they have for their Fathers.  Teenagers love hanging with Dads.  They NEED to hang with Dads. 

Can you imagine what life must be like without someone….

To navigate the trails of this world without someone to coach you?
To work through the tall trees and the weeds to find satisfaction?
To teach you to be able to live in a right way?

Well…Here's to you Dad's!!

I hope you have an awesome Father's Day.
I hope you have some great time with your kids.
I hope you're able to sense the value you bring to the family today.
Without you, the world wouldn't function quite as well. 

Let me know what you think

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