Sometimes you just have to dive in ALL THE WAY!!

I'm not saying we have to just jump without any assessment of risk.
Nor, am I saying we have to just join the free for all.
But sometimes, in order to experience the beauty and excitement of life, you just gotta dive in!!


I've been having a conversation with an atheist friend of mine in Durango.  We've been talking about the difference in believing in God and not believing.  And, you know, I've come to the conclusionn….we both have to dive in somewhere. 

Even if I can teach Apologetics to show how the Bible is True, or talk Philosophy about the Ethics of faith, I have to dive in and say, "To the best I know…this makes sense."

Just like my atheist friend has to do the same.  At some point, he has to take the evidence he has and just say, "to the best I know…this makes sense."

I'm sure glad the story of God ends in hope.
I'm thankful God's plan was to live life with me.
And I'm thankful when I dive in, He's there to take me on the thrill ride of life. 

Things are going great out here at KIVU.  Be sure to check out for up to date stories and pictures. 

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  1. I had an atheist friend…really more agnostic…tell me that i was the first christian she had met that didn’t try to push religion on her. I had told her, “you believe what you believe, and I believe what i believe. let’s just agree to disagree.” she had always turned away from religion because of this….so i hope it got her to thinking. we’ll see!

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