KIVU begins today!!  Teenagers from all over the world are arriving at the airports, riding in buses, and enduring the last few hours of the long ride from their homes.  The staff is ready.  The equipments is all a-go.  The camp looks beautiful.  And now we begin the first ever summer known as KIVU. 

Thanks for your prayers.
Thanks for your e-mails.
Thanks for your calls.
Thanks for your encouragement through an awesome transition.

I can't wait to start posting the stories of what's going to happen out here as we lock arms together to provide teenagers a sanctuary of safety.  We will be introducing the most exciting adventures here in the mountains of Colorado while we try and walk with teens through the hardest time in life. 

We'll be helping them with answers to life's most interesting questions, questions like

Why am I here on the planet?
What value do I have?
How can I know truth?
How can I know there is a God in the Universe at all?

I'm so excited I can hardly type this post. 

Stay tuned.  I'm about to fill this blog with some incredible stories of what God can do!!!

Let me know what you think

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