Yesterday was the famous Iron Horse Bicycle Classic here in Durango.  It's now an event that boasts of over 2000 road bike riders racing the Durango/Silverton train from 6500 ft. over two 10,000 mountain passes all the way north to finish in the old mining town of Silverton, Colorado. 

Each year we send the entire KIVU staff to the finish line to cheer all the riders through, and boy do they make an impact.  The first professional riders start around 7:30 am, and the last tour riders finish around 12:00.  If you can imagine, these riders cross the finish line with thousands of fans, but the KIVU crew is 100 strong cheering them all on as if they won the Tour de France.

I started getting calls from my local friends around 10:00, "Braner, your kids are something special."  One even called to say, "I don't know how you do it, but these college students are really lifting the spirits of the riders."

Well first, I don't do much.  The quality of the staff here at KIVU is just what they described.  They're servant hearted, looking to encourage the lives of all they come into contact with.  Some riders they would cheer for were pro athletes, and others…well….

They cheered for the man and wife who crossed on a tandem bike.
They cheered for the kid who finished the race.
They cheered for the teams who came through together.
They even cheered or the guy who only had one leg, but pushed through one of the toughest races here in the west.

I love the iron horse weekend.

I love watching how our kids are giving themselves away with each passing breath.
They've worked hard to get KIVU up and running for our opening day on Tuesday, but most of all they showed the community that we are in this deal to make sure everyone who knows KIVU feels like a million bucks.

Thanks to the KIVU staff.
Thanks to my buddies for the phone calls.
It's just another example of how much we are leading college students to see the big picture. 

I'm proud to work alongside these folks.  What an honor.

We still have room all summer long, so if you're interested in seeing the passion first hand….be sure to go to http://www.campkivu.com, click on the registration button, and we'll see you this summer. 

God bless!!

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